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    Pete Leggett

    by Pete Leggett

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    Deck the decks with boughs of holly... no, not that Holly... it's Christmas Day in deep space! Lister and Rimmer settle down for the traditional Christmas evening movie session.

    Red Dwarf Animated is a non-commercial fan tribute to the BBC/Dave hit sitcom Red Dwarf and is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Grant Naylor Productions. Red Dwarf and its trademarks and branding are owned by Grant Naylor Productions and their associates.

    Red Dwarf Animated: Mistletoe & Whine features the voices of Pete Leggett as Lister and Ben Rudman as Rimmer/Holly. It was written by Carl Wheatley and brought to life by animator and artist Pete Leggett. It features characters originally created by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor. Contains excerpts from the song "Lonely This Christmas" (N. Chinn, M. Chapman) and the movie "It's A Wonderful Life".