Object near Orion's Belt

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Object near Orion's Belt - Space Cloud, UFO, Galactic Mothership, or Galactic Space Station?

In Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

RA 05h41m 15s
DEC -02:20:12

Was tooling around in the Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Desktop client looking for the planet Nibiru which has been discovered to be hidden in Google Earth with a black swatch for some reason.

I found Nibiru but later went back to see if I could locate it again without the coordinates. What I found instead was truly curious. Now I know it is probably nothing but I found it oddly out of place in this section of space compared to what is all around it.

At first I thought I made a grand find like a Spacecraft unaware that it had been recorded, then my imagination went wild, I thought wow what if thats a Mothership or even better what if its a Galactic Spacestation?!?

LOL, anyway I thought it would make an interesting tidbit to share here.

Any ideas on what this is I'd love to hear your theory.

Cheers... :)

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UN CROISSANT ! pour le p'tit dej non vraiment je sais pas un truc normal dans l'espace va savoir un asteroide une mouche qui passe j'en sais rien franchement hum oui c'est ça et encore je le pense tout bas
By chapterwan 4 years ago