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    Brand New Love Affair (in The Mix) | Amanda Lear

    Amanda Lear

    par Amanda Lear

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    Gaius Baltar
    Своеобразный голос. В общем лучше чем вся современная русско-украинская эстрада.
    И не устаревает, не то что нынешние всякие там ранетки
    Par Gaius BaltarIl y a 5 ans
    Always different! The best...
    Par mychocolateIl y a 6 ans
    MizzBonna .
    I've been a big fan of MizzLear seens '79. I've follow her career though dacades. I love and have dis-like some of her songs. I still love her though. Be as it may, the rumours(hersay), true or false, woman or a man, transsexual or not, suspiciously intrigue. It really didn't matter to me I think she's one of a kinf. Interesting, mystical, unique and a very rare of an icon ... a true star ;).
    Par MizzBonna .Il y a 6 ans
    MizzBonna .
    Waw this is so far the one I like. Thx 4 posting. She did it well ;)
    Par MizzBonna .Il y a 6 ans