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    Jamie T 4music Favorites (Spider's Web) Part 3

    Ivaylo Rogozinov

    by Ivaylo Rogozinov

    They think were fools sitting on the corner,
    Older you get the more like your father,
    The more I drink the more like my brother,
    Seem to have picked up on a callus trait,
    Hate people who think there life is a drama,
    Making in jokes about americana,
    Amusing myself is worth it for the karma,
    Obama sounds like osama to me.

    Well my bedroom's watched by an intafada,
    Kids with bricks or strips in gaza,
    Point at me in my pyjamas,
    Laugh and scream get out of bed,
    I say I am I got plans I'm meeting up with maltha,
    I'm a shoulder she's robert palma,
    Acts like a twat but she's a top banana,
    Might as well admit she's addicted to love.

    Caught in a spiders web,
    It's' not the first time playing dead,
    I see I saw lovers undercover,
    No one found out until we left,
    Caught in a spiders web,
    Lt's not the first time playing dead,
    They know something oh well we're running,
    I know they'll catch up in the end.

    You walked in last with a dirty barbour,
    Found me at the bar in fits