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    Houston Trainer's Jump Rope & Bodyweight Training For ...


    by speedybuckets

    620 views Here's a workout for fat loss, using 4 exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. The bonus....the only equipment you need is a jump rope. By performing these 4 exercises, back-to-back without rest, you will ramp up your metabolism, cardio, save time, & enhance strength & flexibility. Here's The Workout: Superset:   1a. Skip Rope x 3 min  1b. Aligator Crawl x 1 min  1c. Backward Bear Crawl x 1 min  1d. Hindu Pushup   Rest:  90-120sec (beg.)  60-90 sec (inter.)  30-60 sec (adv.)   Perform:  4-5 Rounds Be sure to visit and subscribe to my blog at, and join my newsletter at