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►► http://alturl.com/rrb6 ◄◄ Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Center: Hotel Campaign Guide Stage 1: Hotel Setting: It's a whole new game, which means a brand new beginner campaign! In this case, the beginner campaign status falls squarely on the shoulders of Dead Center, a campaign that takes a good amount of inspiration from the Dawn of the Dead movies. The first stage takes place inside of an apartment complex doubling as an evacuation center. It is catching on fire, though, which leads to the survivors rapidly fleeing down the stairs as fast as they can in an attempt to make it out alive. The safehouse is in a room at the very bottom of the complex. Crescendo Event: This is the first Crescendo Event that Left 4 Dead 2 will throw at you, and it expemplifies the change in general gameplay design from its predecessor. You must pry open elevator doors and run through a gauntlet of fire and smoke on your way out of the burning building. This alerts the horde, which charges at you from every direction. The pathways change if you end up restarting the level, although they do not change too much. There is always a general path through this event. Infected (except CEDA agents) will burn in the environmental fire, so take advantage of this. General Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Center: Hotel Gameplay Tips * You do not start out with any primary weapons, and will not get them until the crescendo event. This makes this stage great for trying out the new melee weapons. The start point is overloaded with them, so take advantage of it. * It is rare, but CEDA agents sometimes drop bile bombs, which are best used in this stage thanks to the fire. Lure a zombie to fire and watch them burn! * It is highly unlikely that you will run into a shotgun while in the first stage, but if you are inclined, there are usually several Magnums. They have the best stopping power out of any weapon you might find in this stage. * Take a minute or two to enjoy the outside scenery, as you have to go outside a few times to make it past fires.

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