Suge knight Gets Smacked out


by jorob

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Wow did he just get Smacked out???!!! Suge night gets knocked the Fuc* Out Please Subscribe to this video

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apparently suge was askin tha geezer who fucked him up for $25.000,which was supposedly protction money...Looks like suge should be payin that motherfucka,also theres some footage and audio of the apparent bloke who knocked him out talking SHIT,sayin"Yeah i was in the club right and he started shit so outside i fucked him up"Then the woman asks if it was true he beat him with an iron bar and hes like"yeah i hit that bitch then just ran"BOLLOX,If you look close you can see no bars were involved(except for the 1 they came out of)And you can even see em giving him a kickin and a few digs while hes on the ground.He then got up when all of a sudden the bloke he was arguing with gave him a right hook and knocked him the fuck out.GOOD,He should of popped a cap in his skull for all the pain and grief hes caused in hip hop,He was 1 of the main instigators in the whole BIGGIE/PAC thing,Anyway he'll get wots coming when he meets his maker down below in HELL.being forced 2 listen 2 R KELLY nonstop
By cheeseboy11 4 years ago

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