Frederic Delarue live - Palm Springs, CA

Frederic Delarue
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Composer and Author, Frederic Delarue performed live every Thursday from 6-10pm at village Fest
on Beautiful Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, California from late November 2002 to December 10, 2009 where he celebrated his last Street Fair after a completed cycle of seven years.

To dare to stop something that works in order to receive something greater is a act of total blind faith
A door was closed, another is opening... a new musical cycle...

Many Blessings to All of You.


It is a pity... I think you should consider working on this fragment for your next album because it is both deep and harmonious. :)

Anyway, thank you so much for giving your gift through your music, I love it, it is really heart-touching.

Love and Light,

By Carlitinho57 3 years ago
Sorry what I play here is pure impro ;)
Blessings, Frederic
By Frederic Delarue 3 years ago
Wonderful, Frédéric... Could you tell me the name of this wonderful track please?

I know quite well your albums but I do not remember hearing it before!

Is that from Musical Rapture?

Thanks in advance!

PS: je suis Français aussi ! ;)
By Carlitinho57 3 years ago