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    Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Vicious


    by Stinger1981

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    i guess you mean the match with no winner?
    sadly soon after this match,sting turned heel...i rather want it to see a clean match between those two(sting vs hogan),and it doesn't really matters to me who was the winner.
    note:hope you understand me,my english is not that good(lol).
    By legdrop6 years ago
    phillip sanders
    well this lead to one of my two fav wcw matches in 1999 the folwowing week with sting vs hogan live from vegas. wwe used to have that match but then wwe switched to 700k and took all there 300k vids down.
    By phillip sanders6 years ago
    Actually that match you're thinking of happened in 2000, I think they were facing Steiner and Jarrett.
    By Stinger19816 years ago
    yeah i saw that match on tv,im a hogan fan...but dissapointed in this match(almost the same as wrestlemania 8 and it's Ridiculous that hogan gets a win by pinning rick steiner). the same year i saw also a match with the team of hogan & sid vicious against ?( don't remember),sid vicious turns on hogan and gets the win by pinning hogan(his own partner !!!),the wcw storylines where sometimes strange...haha.anyway thanks stinger for still uploading wrestlingmatches!!!!
    By legdrop6 years ago