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    Ruth Loves That Dr. Rosenberg Takes Dental Education Courses

    Dr. Simon Rosenberg

    by Dr. Simon Rosenberg

    Ruth has been a patient of Dr. Rosenberg for 31 years and thinks "he's the greatest!" She takes pride in knowing that he is up to date with all of his equipment, loves his staff and laser treatment, and appreciates the fact that Dr. Rosenberg has a wonderful sense of humor and most importantly, continues to take continuing education courses. "He does everything he's supposed to do". Simon W. Rosenberg, DMD (for over 30 years) can rebuild a tooth or your entire smile using the CEREC. Restorations can usually be done with NO SHOT, NO PAIN, NO KIDDING using the Biolase Waterlase MD Dental Laser. (No Shot, No Pain, No Kidding is a trademark of Biolase). Using CEREC one-visit veneers, crowns or onlays your teeth can be restored with precision and the most tooth like appearance and material properties. For more info: or call 917-720-5689