Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Walkthrough Part 2

Arthur Oxford
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Alright - Youtube and Capcom have had their fun - all my videos for Darkside have been taken down - Even my Trailer in threat -

I am Fenberry19 from youtube, and here is my full walkthrough for Darkside Chronicles -

This is a full Co-op walkthrough of Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles for the Wii. Mode: Easy (which I believe is the first co-op walkthrough done of this game so far :D )

I've only just got the game, and wanted to upload a full walkthrough for this game (since it's stellar!). My best buddy came over and we played through from the beginning to the end of the game in one sit-through (which was just short of 6 hours - so there will be many parts to this walkthrough).

My friend and I are well seasoned with Umbrella Chronicles, and I think we're both fairly good shots - The game is excellent, and I highly recommend it. This will be my fourth walkthrough, and my first non-one piece walkthrough ;P


Part 2 - Leon and Krauser start off!