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    Food Processing Compact Discs in HD Wide Screen

    Episode #Seven of "Can It Food Process?" Staring the Shandar 3000 [1.0 version] Processing Bot.

    Today we will be food processing state of the fart compact discs. The recipe calls for food processing ten grade "A" aged compact discs eleven minutes on chop until the ingredients are chunky. Next we will throw processed ingredients on the frying pan to let simmer for over one hour until it becomes a sweet and tangy taffy like flambe. The end result will be Crispy Disc Taffy Protozoan Sirloin, A fine dinning delight! Your host the dOvemaster is your master food processing Chef. He knows all the best recipes & that food processing food is for total retards.

    Enjoy and happy cooking and yes, lets not forget, leave it up to the dOvemaster food processing chef to prepare these wholesome recipes, do not attempt these recipes yourself.