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    Microendoscopic disectomy in India best medical facilities


    by ankush4042

    My microendoscopic disectomy in India with Forerunners healthcare has been successful and it was truly a great experience. I have suffered with back pain for over nine months and these nine months had really been hell. I have had physical therapy, traction, and chiropractic help, and I have seen orthopedics and neurologists, and they all said microendoscopic disectomy. Because of heavy cost of surgery, I sought out other options and explored the issue of medical tourism in India and basically after communicating with several providers and resources I made my decision and choose forerunners healthcare. Forerunners healthcare assisted me with my microendoscopic disectomy in India and patiently handled all my queries over a six month period while I was in touch with them. Overall my experience with forerunners has been very positive and I would recommend them to anyone who is planning to go overseas for medical attention.