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    Wally On The Run : Steve Announces Winners!

    Steve Martin

    by Steve Martin

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    Steve!!! You were great at Jazzfest! The Steep Canyon Rangers were an awesome accompaniment to your genius. I was proud of the huge crowd that gathered to watch you, as far as the eye could see! And getting that beer from out of the upright bass (?) was yet another classic! Thanks for the autograph! Sorry Wally's face got a little smeared, but I will still put it in a frame, anyway. Those few seconds meeting you were incredible! Now my life is complete! Oh wait, no it's not. I've got a big oil spill to sop up! Thanks again! I hope you enjoyed the fest, and return for more performances in the future.
    By OrleansAdonis6 years ago
    Hello, Steve! Well, tomorrow's the big day. I look forward to seeing you at Jazzfest. It's quite an honor to have you grace our wonderful city. If you get hungry, I'd love to treat you to dinner, perhaps at Stella!, which, imho, is the best restaurant in the city. Or we can just have a beer and some crawfish bread at the fest. Either way, I hope to meet you, even for just a few seconds. Don't worry, I'm not a stalker or anything...just a faithful fan. Look for me in the crowd at your performance. And if you could, please, before you and the Steep Canyon Rangers play Wally on the Run, make a little announcement so that I can get my camera out and my 'little Wally", so that I can make a LIVE video of Wally on the Run for you. Or not. Nonetheless, enjoy NOLA, and Happy Fest!
    By OrleansAdonis6 years ago
    Hi Steve,
    thanks for this opportunity to do a music video of Alice. When we initially rescued Alice we had a theme for her similar to Wally on the Run but it was too "chihuahua-y" for her size. Natural progression: buy new Steve CD - oh what a perfect scenario - make a video to a new and improved theme and capture Alice for posterity. Thank you again !
    Alice's mom and dad.
    By alicedogdoesntdance6 years ago
    So.. I started watching a bunch of the videos... just to see who the losers were! Oh My God some were so boring, I almost fell asleep and drooled on myself.
    Congrats again to the winners!
    By dieann636 years ago
    That was really nice of him to raise the 2nd place prize! Sweet Man.
    By dieann636 years ago
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