The Myth of Racist kids


by WORLDwrite

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The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 made it law for schools to report ‘racist incidents’ to local authorities. A growing race relations industry has moved into schools, and even nurseries, to supposedly combat prejudice in children as young as three. In discussion with a studio audience, film-maker and anti-racist campaigner Adrian Hart argues the idea of racist kids is a myth and intervention can in fact create ethnic tensions. Should we leave the kids alone? Let us know what you think.

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Can kids be racist? Are they truly colour blind as this programme suggest? Does calling another child ‘chocolate bar’ mean a child is racist? Children do have an opinion and a mind of their own. But they are also heavily influenced by adults including their parents and teachers. I think prejudices rather than racist exists amongst kids and children tend to say what they think without thinking it through first and holding back. If a child sees someone who looks different from themselves, it is inevitable that they will make comments and ask questions. Racism is broad term with many branches and people who use it should be able to define it within the context they are using it.
By tiftanmin1 5 years ago