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    Sang des Enfants - Atelier Theatre Burkinabe

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    Founded in 1978, Atelier Théâtre Burkinabè (ATB) is a professional theatre company at the core of the Fédération Nationale Théâtre Forum (FNTF), an association consisting largely of local groups of amateur actors who use forum theatre to engage audiences inter-actively in performances that entertain but also educate about a wide range of development issues. In 2000, ATB launched a national theatre school to train Burkinabe people in this kind of theatre and eventually to become an international centre for training. Every two years, ATB hosts the International Festival of Theatre for Development. ATB also produces radio and television series, all designed to entertain and educate.

    During performances, there may be opportunities for audience participation in determining turns of plot and alternative endings. Immediately after performances, there are always opportunities for lively discussion. Following these discussions, people often come forward to ask for advice or assistance with matters of personal concern, such as how they might be able to protect their own daughters from sexual exploitation and send them to school or how they might repatriate their own trafficked children. Some performances and discussions are recorded for broadcast on local radio or television so that more people may benefit.

    The play "Le sang des enfants" (Children's blood) is about child labour in a gold mine. It was developed by ATB with technical assistance by PROSAD concerning the content. It has been documented on film (video cassette and DVD) in French and in different local languages. These films of the play are used for "debate cinemas" during information campaigns about children’s rights, child labour and child trafficking.