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    DNA Genetics LA Woman


    by oneseedbank

    Get these seeds at: and some grow help at DNA Genetics LA Woman is a match of two multi-award winning strains. She is great tasting and very strong. DNA Genetics LA Woman flowers a week longer than the original LA., but a week shorter than the Martian Mean Green, making it a well balanced cross time wise. DNA LA Woman is quicker to veg than the Original LA., and her yield is almost double! This cross grows like an indica with one main cola and little side branching, and will work well for sea-of-green. With her incredible smell and strength, it's hard to go wrong with this cross. People will be satisfied by the bag appeal and frostiness ,keeping all who try her begging for more. DNA LA Woman stays short, and if you feed her heavily, the buds pack on the weight early and finish in the best part of 9 weeks.