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    DNA Genetics Recon


    by oneseedbank

    Get these seeds at: and some grow help at ReCon Cannabis Seeds are the perfect blend of two parts LA Confidential and one part Cannalope. This seed came from an original L.A. Confidential. We don't know how or what pollinated her but there were 3 seeds off one plant and the "Mutant" seed was the only "keeper". The father Cannadential was chosen for his Indica traits and there is plenty of magic in this cross for sure!! With frosty nugs that grow almost right down to the ground, these Cannabis Seeds grow into a very heavy yielding plant that is easy to trim with a very low leaf to bud ratio. At times the ReCon seems stronger than even the L.A. Confidential, if that's possible! A very heavy yielding plant Has frosty nugs that grow almost to the ground Has a very low leaf to bud ratio One of our strongest strains