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    DNA Genetics Super Cannalope


    by oneseedbank

    Get these seeds at: and some grow help at These Super Cannalope Cannabis Seeds are the heavy hitting children of our very own Cannalope and the G13 Haze male. This cross proved worthy of not only one "keeper" working mom but two! One was used for the C13 Haze project and the other became the Super Cannalope. The Superlope, as it's affectionately known, is the Cannalope alternative that definitely has the Haze element. The variations here are mostly flower times and haziness. These Cannabis Seeds lean more towards the Cannalope in growth patterns, Christmas tree like and very even. The Super Cannalope is ideal for the horticulturalist that appreciates a hazier strain to their fruity Cannalope. Hazier than their Cannalope mother Not quite as hazy as their C13 father A very even growth pattern