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    Seedism BLZ Bud


    by oneseedbank

    Get these seeds at: and some grow help at Seedism BLZ BUD growth patterns are primarily those you would expect from an Indica dominant strain, with large fan leaves and very little space between internodes. Flowering single stemmed plants will usually result in one large cluster of buds all along the main stem with a few budding side branches. The typical increase of growth during the first few weeks of flowering can result in a 25-50% increase in height before BLZ Bud stops growing up, making it quite easy to predict when to start your flowering cycle. Her cananbis seeds produce a smell and taste are an interesting mixture of sweet, sour and spice. When inhaled the smoke feels thick and soft, almost like drinking a liquid, expanding in your lungs and leaving a sweet aftertaste on your lips when exhaled.