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    How to Train Your Dragon Official Trailer

    Al Caudullo Productions

    by Al Caudullo Productions

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    ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3D’ is a new feature film brought to you by DreamWorks, the creators of ‘Madagascar’, ‘Shrek’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda.’ The action comedy film is based on the book by Cressia Cowell and follows the relationship between a young boy and a dragon. The story is set around a young teenage Viking living in a mythical world full of dangerous wild dragons. Hiccup, unlike his ancestors and family does not have the qualities it takes to become a heroic, fearless dragon slayer like his predecessors. His world is completely turned upside down when one day he encounters a young dragon that helps him and his Viking tribe to see the land they live in from a brand new point of view.

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