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    Nibiru, Planet X, The Destroyer, Apocalypse, Norway Spiral


    by austexdude

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    Wow! quite a bit of research. Kudos! I am just learning about this & appreciate your insight. Have you ever looked into H.A.A.R.P technology? Superpowers are using this technology to manipulate weather. They are poking holes in our atmosphere and blasting earth core w radiation. Some believe cause of bizarre weather including earthquakes. No one is aware of these secret operations.They are releasing barium in the chemtrails which is supposed to absorb radiation, and again the public is unaware. I became aware of all of this when I contracted a disease called Morgellons which is believed to be caused by chemtrails and GMO manipulated food. Again, the public is unaware of this disease and it is spreading. The government is covering this up.Apx 300k wordwide have this disease. It is a devastating systemic infection in which unidentified organisms do not match the DNA databases & no cure. I believe that this disease is the affects the skin & is tormenting.
    By theothermee5 years ago
    One more little thing. Why do I mention that the only one Jew on this picture is the soldier?

    Because he is wearing a Russian army like cap...and what were Marx, Lenine and "Friends"? and what was the 1917's "revolution"? They were JEWS, and 1917's "revolution" was a total JEWISH revolution! (just read the letters send to Marx by his great friend Baruch Levy...and you'll understand!).

    It's perfectly clear for the ones who knows History...real History!
    By daily-ex-censura5 years ago
    WOW! fourth Reich's nazis from outterspace are back? sounds like Edwood scenario...!

    And just one thing...the little girl on the painting of the airport is Aryan and CHRISTIAN...not jew!

    The only one jew on this picture is the soldier!

    PS: you want a jewish face? this is a jewish face...

    Another one?

    NB: usualy, wenn you think about a jewish girl, you don't represent a young blond girl in traditionnal german clothes! WITH A BIBLE IN HER DEAD HANDS, NOT TORAH, NOT TALMUD! BIBLE! WITH THE CROSS OF OUR SAVIER JESUS CHRIST ON THE COVER!

    Please take a look:

    Is it clear now? Our Executioners don't come from "outterspace"...they come from ISRAËL!
    By daily-ex-censura5 years ago
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