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    Gore Cancels Copenhagen


    by BroMark

    Expert WeAreChangeDavid sling shot brings down Goliath Gore
    Al Gore cancels Copenhagen Climate Conference trip, probably because of climategate

    Monday, December 7, 2009 - 23:46

    Al Gore wont be lecturing at the Copenhagen Climate summit or conference this month. The former US vice president and climate change fear monger canceled his appointment at Copenhagen because of "unforeseen changes in his schedule".

    Al Gore was supposed to speak to more than 2800 people on December 16th.

    Now whether or not this has anything to do with climategate we can only speculate but it does seem pretty convenient that Al Gore cancels at the last minute. With the Climategate looming over Al Gore and the thousands of protesters said to gather at Copenhagen it is safe to make it another date. Is he maybe in hiding? Taking the cash and making a dash?

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