ECW Title Sabu vs Big Show

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The McMahon family has been caught cheating their stockholders and are run out of the wrestling business. Paul Heyman purchases
all of the McMahon assets and decides to create a REAL new breed of wrestling! Be there as we use video, audio, images, interactive
polls and daily updates to tell the story of a World Without a McMahon!!! Catch up on all the excitement before our new show is posted.
Our roster is a great mixture of TNA/ECW/WWE talent and our roster is always growing! There are ongoing angles and feuds as well as
titles and rankings. Tired of reading about a match? In the EWCF you get to see each and every match in front of you. Missed a show?
We NEVER take the videos down plus we archive every show so there is never a bad time to catch up or jump in. With our user friendly like presentation you are sure to walk away with a positive experience. Be part of the revolution!



I don't think I'll ever understand the logic behind creating a wrestler who is already in the game.
By aristipe1 5 years ago
big shows skinny
By jordan keeth james arthur 7 years ago
this is some bad s*** ''HERES YOURE WINNER.........PAUL, IT SUCKED MY A$$
By C0n0r 7 years ago
im waiting Wrestlemania 23!! I hope i can see it here at dailymotion
By WWEsebastian 7 years ago
Big show dosen't have the shoes :( Dude this video sux really.
By WWEsebastian 7 years ago

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