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    Iceland Set to Join European Union


    door EUXTV

    Iceland, with its population of just 320,000 people has traditionally been fiercely independent. But many Icelanders have moved to the EU, including Jonas JOHANSSON and his family here in Brussels. 00.26 Jonas JOHANSSON, Icelander living in Brussels, in English: "This is what I would call a typical Monday dish in Iceland, especially after recession; I would call it recession soup. It's made of various leftovers from last week and weekend; we have potatoes, leaks, celery and lots of garlic of course and chilli."   00.43 When Jonas and his family moved to Brussels, he didn't imagine for a second that Iceland would one day join the EU. Icelanders have always been EU sceptics - but last July when the banks collapsed attitudes changed. Iceland has now started the process of negotiating an accession treaty to join the EU, and could well become the 28th member state of the Union. They might even adopt the euro as their currency. But how much of this was down to the economic crisis?   01.21 Thórólfur MATTHÍASSON, Economist, in English: "Before the collapse this was a question that was discussed but not discussed… After the collapse economists saw it as the only way to securing we didn’t have a second collapse. We have been trying to have our own currency for 80 years and it has been a failed experiment, so now the experiment with the Icelandic krona is over in my view."   01.55 According to the Icelandic Finance Minister however, adopting the euro isn't necessarily the answer.   02.00 Steingrímur J. SIGFÚSSON, Finance Minister of Iceland, in English: "Having our own currency and the flexibility it gives us is very important and it is proving itself now where the krona has devalued and it is giving the export industries a strong advantage, which they are making very good use of, and this applies to the fisheries industry, to the competitiveness of our business and even to tourism which has been flourishing in the midst of the crisis, so there are really two sides to the krona."   02.33 The Vice President of the ... Distributed by Tubemogul.