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    COP OUT: Climate Camp in Trafalgar Square

    hamish campbell

    by hamish campbell

    Climate Camp occupies Trafalgar Square to protest against the corporation-friendly 'solutions' to climate change that will be touted at the COP 15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Market solutions (ie scams) such as carbon offset schemes are a dangerous distraction from this 11th hour chance to prevent runaway climate change. The only effective solution is to decarbonise our economies as fast as possible and leave the rest of the planet's fossil fuel stockpiles in the ground. Everything else is lip gloss. Climate 'sceptics': even if you believe 'climategate' proves that climate change science is an antichrist conspiracy, the speedy replacement of fossil fuels is of utmost importance if humanity is to weather the approaching crisis of peak oil. Relying on dirty energy sources such as tar sands will be an environmental disaster even without the very possible catastrophe of 6 degrees of warming For Christ's sake leave fossil fuels in the ground before we become fossil fuels ourselves. The Saudi royal family: f off.