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    by vrieling1

    Want to know how to tell if someone is attracted to you? Sure! That way, you can either reciprocate that person's feelings or distance yourself altogether. It's also a pretty good way to boost your self-esteem.

    So how do you tell if someone is attracted to you? Read this article and find out.

    1) They always talk to you.

    When someone always tries to include you in the conversation, that's a sure sign that person is attracted to you.

    It means your opinion is valuable and it means that they are interested to know what your thoughts are. Sometimes, it's just a matter of wanting to spend more time with you and wanting to have a closer bond with you.

    When in a group, check out to see if the person is giving equal attention to everybody or if it's just you. If you notice that they seem to be more hooked on your words, then that person is likely attracted to you.

    2) They always look at you.

    Another helpful tip on how to tell if someone is attracte