Keyword Research: Broad Match vs. Phrase Match Explained

Shane Melaugh
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  • Ajouter à Match types are very important for any kind of keyword research. I see many questions regarding the different match types in the forums I frequent and I have even seen some seasoned Internet marketers offer confusing or plain misleading explanations of what the match types mean. Today’s post features the most simple, easy to understand and straight-forward explanation of Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match you’ll ever find. Plus, it’s presented in text as well as in a video. This post will clear up any questions about this important subject you may have. Throughout the video, I use “blue vintage car” as an example for a search term. I picked this at random and you can choose any search term if you want to follow along and experiment with some Google searches. I recommend using a search term with three or four words to get results that best illustrate what the match types are all about. Also see my article on Match Types on RichQuickReview for more info.

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