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    Matt prados 7 Simple Steps To Writing Articles For Your Inte


    by chironewsworld

    One of the best and cheapest ways to market your internet based business is through article marketing. Although this is a task that many internet marketers find quite daunting, in reality once you find an easy method to use when writing articles, you will see that it can be done quite quickly and is not that difficult to do. It is also very rewarding.

    In this article you will find a simple plan on how to go about getting those articles written that will improve your rankings on the search engines and begin sending targeted traffic to your website. Just one point first is to remember the importance of using your keywords when writing your articles and adding links back to your website but only in the resource box which is to be found at the bottom of your article.

    Here is a simple formula to use when writing articles:

    1. Begin with the introduction. This need not be long, a simple three - four sentence paragraph explaining to the reader what t