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    Rosetta stone spanish latin america A Day In The British Mus


    by lalalizardlou

    The British Museum really is the type of place that could change your life forever. It is often argued that if we don't know where we came from then you can't know where we are going to. As you walk around this collection of over seven million objects you will get a real sense of what we humans have come from and what we are. Reading about the past in books is one thing, but when you see for yourself our history in the flesh it can cause us to view the world differently.

    The British Museum has been built in 1753 and it is in the heart of London on Russell Street. This is the largest collection of its kind in the world in it covers all aspects of human history and every civilization. The numbers of items on display is immense, but there is even more than this that the museum doesn't have room to put on show. It would take days to see everything in