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    The Melee Cocktail  (in 12 seconds)

    Hungry Nation

    by Hungry Nation

    The Melee Cocktail is an original Gianfranco Verga creation that can be found on the menu at this week's host bar, Louis 649. Drop in to Louis for exceptional cocktails, amazing atmosphere, and, of course, the Melee. Recipe:    •    1 oz Gin    •    1 oz Meletti Amaro    •    1 oz Fino Sherry    •    1/4 oz Cherry HeeringStir over ice, strain into a old fashioned glass and top with a lemon twist.12 Second Cocktails is a weekly series made by the fine folks at Lush Life Productions. Our goal is to get you drinking better. So, put down that beer, and let's have a cocktail.