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Babelgium (Petits) - ebuco Digital Productions

il y a 8 ans410 views



Babelgium is a short form serie produced by Ebuco Digital Productions.

In a " Tour de Babel" made in Belgium, neighbours cross in the hall of their building. One finds a caretaker who is Italian only by the name, Bruno a Belgo-Belgian racist in spite of him, a Moroccan couple, Suraya a 40-year old Algerian divorced and feminist and also Marc a Congolese traditional musician. Mrs Calieri, the caretaker supervises the comings and goings of her tenants.

The hall of the building is a place to meet and confront its prejudices. Not, all African do not have the rhythm in the skin, and even if the couple of Morrocan loves the children, they do not want seven of them. Racism, work, sexuality, religion, food habits, cultural practices are discussed in the serie. Everyone is concerned… because we have all our small prejudices.

The serie was produced in french and will be broadcast on RTBf in august at 19:25.

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Babelgium (Petits) - ebuco Digital Productions
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