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    Matallica Metallica Tickets - French-only Dvd Posted By: Bre


    by lalalizardlou

    Francais Por Une Nuit (French for One Night) is the new French-only concert DVD by heavy metal band Metallica. The item is available at retailers throughout France as well as on the band's website. Bassist Robert Trujilo seemed especially proud of the effort, saying to therockradio online, We're playing in a Roman coliseum and it's a beautiful night, an incredible crowd. It's special for me, and I connect with the French as well. He added, France is cool. Indeed. It remains one of the top travel destinations around the world....and apparently has quite a few heavy metal aficionados.

    The DVD includes footage of the group's 18-song set as well as exclusive interviews with band members and five video clips that were shot by fans in the audience. The special DVD is available in three different formats: standard DVD or Blu-Ray, as a digipack with a 16-page booklet or as a deluxe limited edition box set, which comes with a variety of Metallica goodies, like a