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    by chironewsworld

    Most Internet marketers know that most of their ideas come from direct marketing. What people do not know is the amount of things we learned from direct marketing and how it impacts our day to day lives as online marketers. Not enough people nowadays study the marketers that came before us. I believe this is a mistake and one I hope to remedy.

    - Sales letters: One of the best skills direct marketers had that we can learn from is the ability to write effective sales letters. This translates into the ability to write effective sales emails. We can apply a lot of the same principles to email writing. Almost all the same ideas of print persuasion apply to email writing also.

    - Subject lines: It is not enough to write a persuasive email if you can not get people to open your emails. We can again learn a lot from direct marketing here. They did not use subject lines but they did have to get customers to not thro