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    Website Traffic "Secrets" - Common Mistake for New ...

    Shane Melaugh

    par Shane Melaugh

    30 vues This video is about getting more traffic to your website or blog. There is no shortage of offers, tips, advice and misinformation about this topic online. Many a sales-page promises super-easy, automatic techniques for getting thousands of visitors to your site without any kind of effort. The truth is that even the best tools (and some of them can be very powerful) are useless if you are using them to promote an "empty" website. With empty, I mean one that doesn't offer real value to the visitor. I'm seeing a lot of new Internet marketers make this type of mistake where they seem to forget that they are dealing with real people and that you can't just hit your visitors over the head with a blatant and uninspired sales-pitch and hope to make money from it. As I state at the end of the video: If you are already getting a lot of traffic to your homepage and you think I'm just stating the obvious here: Good for you! You seem to have understood something very fundamental, that many people in online marketing struggle with.