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    DJ Khaled - Fed Up- Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake



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    Your Awesome! Definitely the most creative dailymotionr? ... btw anyone wannt to chat?? ..
    Par lovelynatashaIl y a 5 ans
    Rich Mundo
    World WIde Mob FIgures, Like Janet Dickinson, SO Who Yall Jacking Son...Im on my Job Like the Streets had a TIme Clock, But AInt Not Punching Out, Yall Niggas want the clout, But what dat about, Get the money, Power, and Then Check it, or Respect it, Aint no dapping, shaking, or tapping out, Go Harder than Dana White, Im in Good WIth that WHite, But I aint Chapelle, Where My Diamond Bezel, Way the Devil Hell for 29 years why the Lawyer, Where the Judge, Still got the grudge, no matter how u or yall budge, Back to the Club, Not Making Love, But Usher in the Thugs, and Let em know its time to eat, Time to Creep, Time TO Peek, See them Millions, Time to tell them ole heads get up, I roll with G's With Street Degrees, I shot the Bird at G's WIth College Degrees, Told Niggas Like Asher ROth, Nothing But a Hate affair for College, I needed My Collards, and I aint talking Veggies, SO GO tell ya Tales to the Catholics, My Niggas After it, so if u in the way, U getting ran over!
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 6 ans