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    The Making of Bendy-Bus Prime

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    'Bendy-Bus Prime'is the first ever British Transformer. It was created to celebrate the DVD & Blu-ray release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, out now. Transformer fans have voted via Twitter and Facebook to see a London 'bendy' bus transformed into one of the iconic characters from the blockbuster smash-hit film. A whopping 76% majority voted for the bus for its bright red panel exterior and familiar details, such as Oyster card readers and destination signage. Paramount Home Entertainment teamed up with prop and model-making company, Propshop, whose previous credits include making the original 1989 Batmobile, to create 'Bendy-Bus Prime'. Made from over 100 original bus parts and synthetic materials, the Transformer is a giant 13ft high and 11ft wide. Additional key stats: - Over 61,700 fans voted on Twitter - Estimated value: £50,000 - Height: 13ft - Width: 11ft - Depth: 6ft - Number of man hours to make: 650 - Number of parts used: over 100