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    DJ Khaled - Fed Up Official Music Video HD


    par ichigooooh

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    walid sb
    Un album à placer dans l'Elite de l'Année 2010, 94% Pure Absolu
    Recommandation : ... euhh... ben... TOUT L'ALBUM -> VICTORY
    Par walid sbIl y a 6 ans
    Enoorme ce son ! Il arrache tout ! Dj Khaled the beeeest !
    Par DaàMIl y a 6 ans
    Rich Mundo
    IF it aint money in that case, then be brief, If You feeding Me, better not be beef, No time for a case, Only Time Im in a Suit, is When the Cases of Cris being spilled, Mills upon bills, Trying to be like Branson and say forget a mil, forget the hill, Trying to Go further than Brazil, be in front of the Moon, When the Sun Shining, Touchdown....Just to let my niggas know I just aint rhyming. Stay down, but not broke, Been halfway in and halfway out the house, Trying To Get my own House, Pay for it, then tell em check my equifax, Money in ya face, Fuck Ya Facts, God is the FACT, To the fallen ones, Hope My cold shoulder didn't leave ya with Frostbite, Just My life ain't nothing to recite or reenact, Know all my faults I didn't act, Just trying to get back, Fresh and Clean like Soda without the cocaine, Pure Life Cocaine without the heat, Cameras only at weddings, and reunions, Only the best on my feet, On the Jersey Shore firing the DJ and Showing em how to Diddy!
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 6 ans
    mmmm que c'est bon cette magen david et ce "hai" Drake..... ahhhh ça fait du bien....
    Par RudyChatillonIl y a 6 ans
    C'est "Put your hands up" (Ft. Rick Ross, Fabolous & Young Jeezy) le second single extrait de son album "Victory" qui sortira le 16 février 2010.
    Par ichigoooohIl y a 6 ans
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