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    Los Angeles Liposuction Documentary Featuring Dr. Amron P1

    David Amron, MD

    by David Amron, MD

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    Part 1: Under The Knife is a TV documentary about the people and doctors involved in plastic surgery operations. Filmed in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills California, in the program, The documentary maker himself ends up getting stomach liposuction for men.

    Louis travelled to Los Angeles California to explore the obsessive world of plastic surgery. Never one to shy away from really trying to get to grips with his subject matter, Louis is renowned for getting immersed in the stories he covers. Whilst there, Louis decided to take the plunge and undergo a plastic surgery procedure himself having liposuction for men performed by Dr. David Amron.

    Thousands of patients have trusted in Los Angeles Liposuction Specialist Dr. David Amron’s expertise. With more than 14 years of experience performing lipo suction, Dr. Amron has been and continues to be highly respected for his special, individualized approach to liposculpture surgery.