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    Compulsions Episode 2: Friends

    Compulsions WebSeries

    by Compulsions WebSeries

    58 713 views
    Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) finally breaks Adam Creedy (Seth Caskey) into revealing what he's been keeping hidden. Mark shares his new information with Justine (Janna Bossier) while trying to go maintain his day job.
    Also starring Sean Spence and Elizabeth Tsing

    Director: Nathan Atkinson
    Writer and Creator: Bernie Su
    Producer: Robert Grand & Michael Tohl
    Director of Photograph: Jason Raswant
    Production Design: Rachel Payne
    Editor: Michael Darrow
    Sound Design: Tom Boykin
    Music: Sally Chou

    Compulsions is a a four time Streamy Award Nominated and Multi-Award winning Dramatic Web Series. The show has already won the 2009 Clicker Award for Best Original Web Drama, as well as a record tying 4 Indie Soap Awards including Best Actor (Craig Frank), Best Supporting Actress (Taryn O'Neill), Best Editor (Michael Darrow), and Best Sound Design (Tom Boykin).

    This dark, gripping and psychological Web series explores three seemingly “normal” people who act on their darkest desires. The series has been described as “Hypnotic, dark, and addicting” (, while featuring “some of the best acting in web series last year. (" The show offers the tone of Dexter, the suspense of Prison Break and the darkness of the Sopranos.

    Compulsions is the story of Mark Sandler (Craig Frank), an admitted Sadist leading a life with a dull desk job. At night, he channels his inner compulsions as a professional interrogator, brutally and psychological extracting bits of crucial information from his "clients".

    Mark's one true friend and handler is Justine Davies (Janna Bossier) a compulsive Trophy Hunter and ruthless Retrieval Specialist who feeds Mark's compulsions with fresh interrogation subjects. Mark's world is threatened with the introduction of compulsive voyeur Cassandra Morrissey (Annemarie Pazmino).