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    Paranorbill: Haunted Oppertshauser House Investigation 幽霊

    Billy Connelly

    by Billy Connelly

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    The Paranorbill Paranormal Investigative Team travels to Stony Plain, Alberta Canada to Investigate an Old house with Claims of Poltergeist Activity, Full bodied Apparitions and disembodied voices of the Dead!
    Equipped with the latest Paranormal research tools like EMF detectors KII Meters & IR Cameras.

    Pre-Interviews with the staff indicate that there is a spirit or Ghost Names George Oppertshauser. There have also been claims of apparitions of a man who's top half can only be seen. Other reports indicate there is also a woman seen in early 1900's wear. Standing in the living room looking out.
    Items will apparently move on their own accord. There is the smell of Cigar smoke.

    What will we find in this Most Haunted little house on the prairie? Join us on our "Quest for Proof"