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    How To Download Games For XBOX 360 - NO MOD CHIP -100% Works


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    Here is a legit website I found that lets you download and burn XBOX 360 games and play them WITHOUT a mod-chip, no BS. There is a small flat fee then you can download unlimited xbox 360 games.

    Answers to frequently asked questions:
    -You must burn to DVD-DL discs which are around 8.5GB
    -You stealth patch your games so you cannot be detected on Live, and the membership provides you with XBOX Live scan alerts to tell you when a scan is coming so you can make sure you don't get banned.
    -NO monthly fee
    -you must FLASH your XBOX drive, NO mod chips - the site shows you how.
    -you can still get achievements
    -and you can still play your old games

    This site lets you download the Xbox 360 games and shows you how to burn them to DVD so that you can play them on your system. The xbox 360 firmware (Xtreme firmware) on the site lets you play the games.