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    35 vues *Come on a wine & food tour with us!* --- Interviews with a handful of participants at the European Wine Bloggers Conference ( #EWBC ) that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, in October/November 2009. What did you think about the conference? How was it for you?: THIS IS JUST THE INTRO. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO IF YOU'RE CURIOUS ABOUT THE #EWBC. Miss Vicky Wine (Anne-Victoire Monrozier): Justin Roberts on sherry: Maria da Assuncao Foy: Julia Sevenich: Daniele del Gesso aka Finkus Bripp: Brett Jones: Gwendolyn Alley: and also (Sonadora:, who could not come) Emidio Santos: Rachel Black: and João Rico: Nico James: and and More on the EWBC here:, the European meeting place for wine bloggers and anyone interested in blogging, wine, social media, networking, twitter, facebook, etc etc. By BKWine, See all our wine videos on our BKWine TV channel: