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    Sheikh Feiz Malaysia Tour Wahabi ' salafi '


    by ahlesunnah

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    This is a lesson by sheikh Feiz in Al-Khadeem center Malaysia from Kitabu Tawhid written by Mohamed Ibn Abdul Wahab of Najd, East Saudi Arabia in the 13th Hijri Century.

    Mohamed Ibn Abdul Wahab who is the founder of Wahabism emerged from Najd, Saudi Arabia about 200 years ago and came with a new ideology which is being funded today by Saudi oil revenues.

    The Prophet SallaAllahu^alayi wasalam foretold the emergence of the Wahabi sect in many hadith some of which are in Sahih Bukhariyy -- one of them states:

    There will be people who come from the eastern side of Arabia who will recite Quran, but their recitation will not pass beyond their collarbones. They will go out of Islam as swiftly as the arrow goes through the prey. Their sign is shaving their heads.

    It was reported that Mohamed Ibn AbdulWahab ordered all his followers to shave their heads
    including the women.

    No other sect ordered their followers to shave their heads.