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Andy Cocker

by Andy Cocker

I remember in my previous company where one of my tasks is to create a newsletter every week. One problem I always encounter is getting the right images or pictures for my newsletters. As much as possible, my boss wants me to get free images in the internet. But most of the free images you see in the internet are not that good and has a very low quality. So for me, that was the hardest part in making a newsletter. Even the time when we redesigned one of our client's website, a lot of hours were spent searching for good high quality images.

I thought I will have the same problem here in my new company when my boss told me that I need to make a design for the coming project from our client. Good thing a friend of mine referred me to this website called, Yuri Arcurs Productions. It is actually a blog about selling photos online but there are other features in that website which is very useful to the users.Royalty free stock images