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    Hoarders Sneak Peek--Premieres 11/30 at 10p/9c on A&E

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    Don't miss the season 2 premiere of Hoarders, Monday, 11/30 at 10p/9c on A&E. The season premiere will introduce Augustine, whose son Jason was removed from her home by Child Protective Services 14 years ago, because of her hoarding. Augustine’s hoarding has become so severe that she has lived without water, gas, heat or appliances for the last four years -- bathing only once a week at her sister’s house. Complaints from neighbors have instigated a court ordered clean-up and the city is threatening to condemn her house. Now, Hoarders follows Jason as he tries one last time to rescue his mother from the filth he escaped from years ago. For more information visit Become a Facebook Fan of Hoarders and follow the official Twitter feed