Run your car on water How To Respond To Driving Conditions I

Sen Tinal
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How do you view driving and drivers in southern California? I think your answer will depend on whether or not you have become adjusted to the high speeds, the necessity for constant freeway driving, the heavy traffic, and the lack of predictability on the part of other drivers.

While I was living in Orange County, I distinctly remember instances where my life flashed before my eyes. Whenever my parents visited from my Phoenix home, I watched as my father's knuckles turned white from gripping the steering wheel hard.

Whether you are just visiting or you have moved to the area, you need to become accustomed to this kind of madness (but not sink into it) if you are going to make it out with your sanity.

I have often heard native southern California drivers say that they handle the driving environment by being just as aggressive as the next guy. This is ultimately what made the freeways such a terror in the first place, so emulating poor decis