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    by vrieling1

    Blogging caught on in a major way sometime between 1999 and 2001, mostly as a method of publishing a web log, or online diary. By 2005, however, it was no longer just a way for people to express themselves, vent and connect - blogging had become a viable source of income.

    Today, almost every blogger puts up an AdSense button, in vague hopes that people will click something. But then again, there are bloggers who earn in the thousands, through a combination of AdSense, affiliate marketing and other ad programs. AdSense is an ad application run by Google, while affiliate marketing is a complex system where merchants pay publishers (or affiliates) for persuading people to purchase a product through a link on their page.

    How do the bloggers utilize these tools to such levels?

    Firstly, a blog has to target the right audience. While people who come to make friends, connect and share secrets are excellent assets, they don't bring