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    straight talk wireless is the best.


    by fluffmcgruff



    I want to get a prepaid cell phone that is a smart phone. Is this the best smart phone deal out there? Anyone know?
    By elizabethrules905 years ago
    Yeah Virgin and Boost mobile dont have the rates and service that straight talk has in store for all of us. Firstly, they don't travel on both the verizon and at&t network and dont have unlimited everything for 45 dollars a month. I dont care who you are, those figures speak for themselves. I can't imagine living my life without my straight talk lol! :)
    By pronetogive5 years ago
    "I love my straight talk phone the way paint loves a brush. My phone and i together are a beautiful piece of artwork" ..............WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..*breath* WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    I think there might be some evidence of radiation effects here. You really shouldn't sleep with your phone fluffmcgruff.
    By RichardWo5 years ago
    Love my ST deal. I used to have the top shelf contract with my old carrier but I really wasn’t getting anything from it besides the “luxury” to have the ability to pay hundreds of dollars on top of my monthly contract for the “hot” phones.
    By GMenBlue5 years ago
    I would def recommend ST to anyone looking to save money. I’ve looked into several other prepaid phone companies before ST and I’m glad I did. Straight talk has been as promised when it comes to the price and service. I’m just glad I found a way to cut down on my old ridiculous phone bill.
    By MakerMan805 years ago
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