Pay Per View Traffic Ad Network Review | Clicksor ROI Track


by peterjose216



Sofii Santucho
I think that the video is really interesting although I would like to share my experience in using ad networks. I discovered adtomatik and it was the first service I used of this type and got the best results that I could ever imagine. Maybe you want to give it a try. I'm sure it just won't dissapoint you. Just a contribution, hope you like it.
By Sofii SantuchoLast year
Did you know that you can actually have control over where your Videos are placed on the searches within Dailymotion. I received a comment on one of my videos on my business DM account linking me to www . dailymotionviews . com and went and checked out and have been using them for some time now. They also offer Youtube Services I am using to now. Thought I would share this with you. Have fun!
By mcallistergiagp4 years ago